Monday, December 05, 2005


I saw a couple of Yellow cars on my way to work today and am always fascinated by how they pop out of the scenery...I am always happier after I see one of these stupid cars driving down the road...I wonder if the person selected that car for the color or just made due with the fact that it came that way...
I looked up yellow car statistics and found that in 2004 the World News stated that drivers of yellow cars get into more accidents in Australia...Of course for all I know most cars in Australia are yellow and then it wouldn't mean anything...
Yellow is the most visible color in the spectrum so you would think it would cause it's owner to be in less accidents...Of course it is also an eye irritant to babies if to vibrant because of the high reflectivity...So maybe people veer into it after seeing it...Or they have a fender bender with it from being to close because they want to take a picture of it...Guess I'll not tempt fate and just head to work.

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R3dcurlz said...

I've never owned a car. BUT, I was in IA a few weeks ago for a wedding. I rented the cheapest car possible, of course. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised to find my cheapo car was bright yellow.

I felt like a rockstar the whole weekend. I would absolutely consider getting yellow car when SuperSaturn retires.

I think I'd rather have an art car, though. We shall see.