Sunday, November 20, 2005


Cheddar gives Harry some earnest advice before Harry faces the Dark LordWe went to see the new Harry Potter film...The Goblet of Fire...I had gotten mixed reviews so didn't know what to expect...especially since they were trying to adapt one of the longer books in the series in the same amount of time...I think they did a good job culling everything that didn't further the storyline of the (spoiler) and really only focusing on the main storyline...It makes this film a bit more of a companion piece to the book rather than a stand-alone like the other wife kept asking me questions that I kept forgetting she didn't know because she hasn't been able to read the books yet...For me as a reader it flowed wonderfully and was really only missing (spoiler)...
Now after we saw the Goblet of Fire we decided we should go to a Japanese steakhouse right down the road from our house and see their Goblet of Fire...The chef did some tricks we hadn't seen before and was real good at balancing things...While we had a good time watching him we missed some things from our experiences in the South Carolina Japanese Steakhouses...No white sauce here...less rice than we're used to...and no smily face in fire that the chef claims is a portrait of their boss.

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