Sunday, November 20, 2005


I just finished the book, Arabian Nights, and was surprized that there were so many better stories in it than Ali Baba and Alladin...I especially liked the story of Sinbad and his seven voyages...but one that particularly struck me as a great story was the story of Abou Hassan...He was a man who decided to entertain a stranger every night and to dismiss them every morning to never see them again...The Sultan in disguise becomes his guest one night and after hearing Abou tell him what he would do with the Sultan's power (without knowing he was speaking to the Sultan) the Sultan plays a trick on him, drugging him, and having his whole court pretend Abou is the Sultan for one day...It is quite a story...I am surprized no one has made a movie adaptation of it.
There have been adaptations of other parts of the book in movies and in are two examples...the first is a Roc's egg that Sinbad and his comrades came upon and the other is Walt Disney's version of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

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