Tuesday, November 01, 2005

DIET: Day #1

Did all right early in the day...
-half chicken burrito from night before
-two bottles of water
Once I got to work it was harder...
-a portion of chicken breast slightly seasoned
-a bottle of water
Then when I went with Tony downhill...
-two slices of pizza
-two pepsis
-bottle of water
On my drive home at 2am...
-two more pepsis
In Total: 4 Pepsis


HOOTEE said...

no excuses...there is always a way to eat something that isn't too fatty...and you may want to come over to the dark side and start drinkin Diet Pepsi...I learned to love it...and you can to. soda with 0 calories can really help you loose weight.

Your Wife said...

Think green!!!! I bought a million veggies - I had better see some of them missing from the fridge when I get home. 2 slices of pizza! What kind of diet is that??