Monday, September 26, 2005

Fast food?

Fast food is not what it used to be...I went to Burger King because I was starving and needed something to eat FAST. I must have waited a good 5 minutes while the three people behind the counter did everything except take my order...In fact I finally asked the girl who kept walking in front of me if anyone was taking orders and she mumbled she was going on her break...Finally someone did come over and take my order...But then I had to stare at the "Have It Your Way" sign they had pinned up for near 10 minutes...All they needed to do for me to have it my way was put a little pep in their step...It's crazy that in the 21st Century we are allowing worse service than we have ever recieved...and that with the self-serve drink stations, and the credit card acceptance things meant to make our fastfood experience more efficient...maybe I should get behind the counter and show them what initiative looks like.


HOOTEE said...

the king sucks ass. always McDonalds...always drive thru.
Go pay the price.

on a totally different topic--
Trans Siberian Orchestra rocks Manchester December 30th

Brad said...

Dude, you're talking about people working for minimum wage. Odds are, the person there behind the counter is not a rocket scientist working the job to prove some social theory on acceptance.

Just remember. 95% of Americans are idiots and that's a low estimate.