Thursday, April 06, 2006

Went to a Pro-American rally to fight against the insurgent takeover of our government by alien forces...Illegals are trying to steal our vote along with the jobs, education, housing, and health they have already stolen...
The rhetoric may be to call them immigrants...but that is like calling someone who breaks into a home a resident...The are Aliens.

insurgent adj : in opposition to a civil authority or government [syn: seditious, subversive]


Narcissistic Graffiti said...

Your argument sounds kick-ass and the pictures look good - but remember as I've said before that issues are more complex than at first glance, as this article from THE ECONOMIST demonstrates:

For example, how many people at the demonstration were discussing how immigrants often take jobs which employers cannot fill with Americans alone? Or how Americans gravitate toward some low-skilled jobs and not others?

There is a problem, but it's being overstated in hyperbolic, simplistic terms - which always inhibits pragmatic, realistic problem solving. Inflammatory language and reactions cause more harm than good - as we see all over the world, every day. The proposal to build walls around Mexico is the apex of public (and Congressional) foolishness.

dustywood said...

I disagree that building a wall is foolishness...I must say that when one builds a fence around his house he can allow who he likes to enter...and not be subject to other peoples whims as to who should be allowed on their property...also the jobs being filled by aliens at one time were filled by legal immigrants...and by allowing people who are outside United States protection and authority causes people to take certain advantage of the shown by lesser well as breaking further law by not paying taxes that raises the tax burden on the people who pay such taxes...and then taking from that tax base to benefit those that did not pay into the system...Why would one not want our border closed against a corrupt system like Mexico? Why would one want an open border that allows anyone (even people we don't want into this protect this country you first have to defend its border...first and foremost.

dustywood said...

Oh by the way I rad your article you suggested...I found in it a defintite problem at the least an editorial problem and at the worst a spin problem...They refer to the issue as one against immigration...they mention illegal workers but then switch to a debate about the statistics of immigration...The problem is not about immigration...I think most people agree that the people who come here as immigrants are good additions to our great society...the problem is with law-breakers slipping in infront of people who want to be here to do the same jobs but by following American law...Immigrants have to do certain things to further integration into society...they have to follow strict guidelines to be allowed in...all an alien has to do is cheat...who do we want in this country millions of cheaters or people who want to work to get here? This is NOT an issue about IS an issue of the rule of law.
Lumping Aliens in with Immigrants is a disservice to the Immigrants. said...

Let's build a wall, and then in 40 years we can have a president who looks like a hero when she tears it down.

On a serious note, I'm sure glad the American Indians didn't have a wall. Or the first Europeans living in New York- I'm glad they let in a few extra scummy Irish fools so we could populate Northern NY and not starve in Ireland.

This is a huge country, I welcome people who are looking for a better life.

We have plenty, and I'm willing to share the unreal riches this country has- why else be rich? To make the poor poorer? Afraid? Or to help all other people become free and contributing members of society?

We can't all think of ourselves as "better than."

Didn't we learn anything from the Nazis? They thought they were better than everyone, they built huge walls, and then the world rose up and exterminated those rats.

Because real freedom will rise up and the lowest will become high, and the highest will be trampled, and then they will either learn- or perish.

And that's the word.

dustywood said...

The scummy Irish came here through Ellis Island...the legal way...Again it is like people are not hearing the complaint...or they chose to just look at people who desire law and order as bigots...
What is the confusion?

dustywood said...

By the way the Berlin Wall was constructed by the commies to keep their own people from leaving...the real association would be if Mexico built the wall...but they want those people to sneak into our border...we need to build a wall so people have to come in legally...I AM NOT SAYING TO NOT LET PEOPLE IN.