Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I went to the Dentist right down the street from my house...and discovered Adam Sandler and I share dentists...of course that could be because my dentist is his sister...and if you have a dentist in the family...well why go anywhere else? Of course she kept telling me about this tooth whitening process, so maybe my teeth can look almost as good as Adam's. That wouldn't be so bad...In the lobby paying the bill I realized that I walked right past some shirts and pictures from his previous films that I probably would have noticed if I hadn't been think more about Steve Martin as a dentist...This dentist is more my speed.She has this little dog named "Biggie" or "Bigfoot" who is not happy unless he sits in your lap during the whole procedure...It was odd in a comforting way to be petting this little dog while I was getting a crown put on.

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Tololy said...

Oh my god! I do not enjoy going to the dentist, at all. I'm actually phobic, and to imagine my dentist inserting all sorts of things in my mouth with a dog on the lap is just out of the question. That is so scary! If you want to read something about my latest visit to the dentist, check this out

I think it's neat to have a dentist who's related to a star. My dentist isn't even close to that, but he's a nice bloke.