Friday, December 09, 2005


I'm learning to use my snow-driving skills again. I am now even more glad that I just got a car with heat...It took me almost three hours to get back home...most of the way I was travelling top speed of 20 mph and often saw the driver of the car get out and clean off their car...and I didn't have to slow down at all for them to do that...On my journey I noticed a few yellow cars...but the last one I saw was the one that made me the happiest...(it's a snowplow for those of you who have no clue) (I envy your ignorance) (And don't ask me where they put the snow)


GraY FoX said...

lol that was fun .... long time no see of the snow aroung here unfortunately :)

David said...

So Dusty (or should I say Klare)...where is it that they put the snow? Better did Ronald Caruso murder that man with all these police around? I miss her.