Wednesday, November 23, 2005

WORKING 11/23/2005

Today was a tough one to work...My story was about this dog the police found on the railroad tracks outside of Boston...It probably had been hit by a train and was really wounded when the police found it...I went to the animal hospital to get some video of the dog and the hardest thing was seeing this dog...(a beautiful black lab) walk weakly into the room...with a gash running all around his belly to his back...and the most heart breaking part was when he looked at me and tried to lick his chops and because of the four breaks in his jaw all I heard was cracking and he had a ton of blood pouring out of his nose and mouth...The tough thing is that they need to find the owner to pay for an extensive operation to put his face right...($6000) and will probably have to put him down if they can not find the owner...Kind of frustrating because I bet the owner knows their dog has been hurt but won't claim it because they don't want to spend the money...If I had a dog I would have it microchipped...

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To be perfectly honest, I have a story that relates to this one in an odd way.

Dusty said there's a dog who should have had a chip- how does this relate to my idea? Well, if the train had a chip and the dog had a chip, then the train could have been warned and slowed- perhaps not in time to save the dog- but the dog could have been given an extra couple seconds to get out of the way.

Soon, my blog will feature an article that I'm working on called "Everything should have a GPS/Internet Address." In other words, everything will have a continually updating location in space and time using addresses on the internet linked to an interface like Google Earth- so if I lose my car keys, search "Mike French's Car Keys." Bingo, it locates them for you and your palm pilot with GPS navigates you back to them.

I'm serious. Everything. Shoes, trains, cars, planes, babies, kitties, packages, etc... Go look at NYC in Google Earth. See the buildings? No reason not to search "stuff near 14th floor in Empire state building."

Privacy would be an option, and encryption would be par for the course, and you could opt to not install the tracking devices.

I think you will like my post at if this interest you. It's not big brother, it's useful information. There's a fine line.