Sunday, November 13, 2005

The People I Meet #8

So it seems interesting people have interesting names...After the reception for Adam and Cheri my wife Heather was looking for me in the bar and an older gentleman told her she could sit with him and his family...I think he was trying to set her up with his nephew (or himself)...His Name is Lou DiMaggio...and he was their with his Sister Madeline who had just turned 81...we saw a picture of her when she was 21 and she still has the looks...Their nephew was there as well and he and his father have a familiar name...Joe DiMaggio of baseball fame...He told me he wasn't as good as the famous Joe but that he could hold his own...They invited Heather, Myself, Kevin, Adam and Cheri to sit and chat with them...Lou rattled joke after joke so fast that we couldn't stop laughing...and Heather ended up losing her voice she was laughing so much...He asked if she thought I would kick the bucket soon...I think he was making moves on my girl...thankfully I am in pretty good health...

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