Thursday, November 17, 2005


Paul Pierce plays basketball with the Boston Celtics...He also is the spokesperson for a new type of basketball...the first to ever use something other than air inside it...It is supposed to prolong the life of the ball so it never goes flat...for some reason the first place you could buy this wonderful new inovation was in the small town of Danvers, Massachewsits.

I also spoke to one of the developers of the ball and he is famed for being the guy to come up with the self pumping ball a few years back called the Infusion ball...He came up with it when he saw those pop-up thermometers in chickens and said "Why not basketballs?"...He says they should never go flat and when I grilled him about if I decided to keep the same ball for 15 years...he laughed and said the ball will probably wear out before it goes flat...

During my move I discovered two things...One: I hadn't played basketball in a long time...Two: my current basketball had become tremendously flat...So I decided to be one of the first to try the new Never Flat Spalding basketball...I can tell you it feels like a normal new basketball in every way...But there is no hole to fill it up...(I guess they're sure about it)...GAME ON!!!

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