Wednesday, November 23, 2005


It's supposed to snow tomorrow. Brrrr...Tonight it was pretty cold and I had to go out and do a story on how Boston's website had named their Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony the Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony...and people like Jerry Falwell were making a stink about how all this stuff is disenfranchising people of faith...I personally hate the word disenfranchising...because to me it sounds like just another way to say people aren't happy that things don't go their way...but he does have a point Christmas is a day that Christians celebrate for a specific reason...The birth of Jesus Christ...and while he may not have been born in the winter it still is a day that I can meditate on the wonderful gift...Now if you don't claim to be a Christian and still want to celebrate Christmas fine...but remember that the reason for the season is part of Christianity and let them be.

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Dusty, I'll call you soon. I'm on my new schedule now and it sucks but 'm getting used to it. 1-9am. Krikey.

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