Sunday, November 06, 2005

DIET: Days #5 & #6

So this was the first weekend since I went on my diet...I did not do well...
-1.5 mile walk with Heather (Saturday)
-2 crunches (Saturday...just to show Heather what I think a crunch is)
-10 pushups (Saturday)
-100 jumping jacks (Sunday)
-2 sets of running around in a circle (Sunday...can you tell I need discipline)
-Chicken sandwich (mustard/spinach)
-three mini-candybars from halloween (they will go bad)
-2 smart ones in one sitting
-three pickle slices
-big bag of pretzels
-snack cracker package
-8 bottles of water
-2 large beers on Saturday
-2 hotdogs to wash down beer
I have switched to Diet Pepsi and had four over the weekend and 1 regular Pepsi


Narcissistic Graffiti said...

I struggled to figure out what a crunch was for the longest time. Finally, I learned.

1. Lay on floor.
2. Flatten back completely. Your spine should not be arched at all.(very important)
3. With hands touching back of neck for support (not grasping neck), lift up A LITTLE, constricting your abdomen.
4. Unconstrict and descend. Repeat.

You shouldn't raise yourself very high, ever. The point is to tighten and relax the abdomen. If you're not doing that, then you're not doing a crunch.

Tololy said...

I didn't know that, Narcissistic Grafitti, before you mentioned it.
Thanks. Dusty, keep up the good work.