Monday, October 24, 2005

New Job: Day #1

This is the first day of the rest of my career...I got up three hours before I had to be to work in Boston because I wasn't sure how I was going to get there...I drove 35 minutes down I-93 to I-495 and took a left...then I went a couples miles into the quaint town of Andover...and couldn't find a spot in the commuter rail parking lot...
after driving around Andover (Boston style) looking for a parking spot on the street I came upon a street that allowed for all-day parking on half of it and then two hour parking on the other half...the problem was that the only part of my car in the allday parking side was the trunk...I got on the train to Boston not knowing if I would ever see my car again...(a real loss I know)
I got to work and had the pleasure of being trained on a tape to tape machine by a guy who does tape to tape editing differently then I have ever seen...(Yeah I know some of you think I do things differently but I think even you guys in Charleston would agree this is DIFFERENT)

(Technical Jargon Ahead) He kept telling me to never touch the stop button and would chide me every time my fingers grazed the button...then when I panned the audio he said not to...because he doesn't. We came to an agreement at the end of the day that if I didn't miss air he would never know if I hit the stop I did one more time before leaving work today.After work I got on the train to go home and figure out how to getback to Manchester if my car had been towed but it seems the police in Andover are nice because my car was still where I left it and I was able to drive home knowing I had to find parking again tomorrow.

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Boston Brad said...

Yo Dusty, who trained you? Got to love to those tape to tape editing machines. Funny, when I left six months ago they were all talking about how they were going to go tapeless in 6 months. Good to see some things never change. If you see my peeps from the morning shift tell them I said what's up. Phil, Juli, Lauren, Cooper, Ted, Jeanne, Aileen, Mike.