Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Fast Food? #2

I went to McDonalds and my service was horrible...I wasn't going to bring it up until I saw what happened to the guy behind me...He had two little kids with him and they had ordered flurries...The girl started the flurry and then walked away without saying anything...I started and finished my meal while he continued to wait...I came up to talk to him at the same time as he finally got someone's attention from the back...They stated that the girl went on her break and they were going to finish the order for him...
I asked him what restaurant he thought had the worst service and he looked me straight in the eye...(tears glistening)...and said he only came in these restaurants for the toys for his girls...that when they ate out they got much faster service at a sitdown restaurant...He also asked me a question that I hadn't thought of before...why did they turn of the timers?...They used to say if we don't get your food to you in a minute we'll give it to you free...Now those same clocks still sit there in the drive-thru windows...but they aren't even plugged in.

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Dad said...

Hey Dusty, I really liked your thoughts on the fast food. Clark Howard calls that "Customer No Service". By the way...I remember you chiding me about eating at McDonalds about 6 months ago!!! Try'll live longer. Your musings on the blog remind me of Joe Kelley's old column in the OD. He had a great column and a loyal following. His columns were about the odd, curious, and interestings things of daily life, much as your's sem to be. I find them (your's) very entertaining as I used to find Joe's. Joe Kelley owns the Boonville paper now. I'll talk to you soon. Love, Dad